Saturday, November 26, 2011

Steps to Mastery

So, I was reading through Dean Dwyer's blog posts on Being Primal and his latest post gave me the desire to do my own desire checklist. At 46 lbs down, I'm still very much a beginner in my own Primal Blueprint. I'm still on Level 1. So, what do I feel that I must do to feel like I'm on level 2? What is the maximum level there is? Do I even want to quantify the max level or just one day arrive at it and say "Oh wow. I can't think of anything I could do to be healthier." Yeah, I'd rather have that oh wow moment than try to kill myself leveling up as fast as possible. Been there and done that in various MMO's.

So back to the original thought, what is what I feel I need to do to be level 2? Honestly, to be level 2, I'm setting the bar pretty low of a body composition of below 15% body fat. After years of failed dieting starting all the way back in high school, That would be a major achievement for me. And you know what, I know I'll make it.

BUT, if I'm setting the bar so low for level 1, why not set some goals for level 2? I can easily pregame the experience and potentially hit level 3 within days of level 2, if not skipping the need to worry about it all together.

Well, level 2 would be this:
  1. Progress into baseline with all of the Primal Fitness exercises Mark Sisson suggests
  2. Find and purchase the best footwear for everyday use that allows me to relearn proper balance and build some form of arch.
  3. Work in more vegetables into my diet. I think I might need some more food prep tools for this.
  4. Find a way to purchase and store my food in bulk in order to save more money.
  5. Put more than minimum effort into all my classes. I really have no excuse for grades C or below. Especially with $4k in loans a semester.
  6. Finish and publish my first Android App. Enjoy it myself, whether it sells well or not.
  7. Clean up the bass guitar I was just given and learn how to play 5 songs on it.
  8. Pay my credit cards off. (This will open up quite a bit of monthly income for other things)
  9. Learn how to do some parkour.
  10. Become a better shot. I've got a .22 conversion kit for my AR-15 now, so no excuse to not go out to the range and practice at least 100 shots a week.

I think that is more than enough for a Level 2 challenge. Although half of those are just ways to become a more successful and mentally healthy person without the diet/exercise portion, after years of letting myself be a victim of diet, I feel like I'm overdue to redesign my life to be as productive and creative as I can possibly be. I feel like a human being for the first time in my life, and it is amazing!!!

So, I'm going to try to encourage some comments. Think of your life as having experience points. Be brave and post what you feel like you would want to accomplish to get to your next level! Or just comment on what I've posted Show me some comment love! :P

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