Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Moving Foward

I'm just going to stop apologizing for not posting in this from now on. I'll post when I post, and I only post when there is something new to talk about. :) I'm also thinking through something that happened earlier this evening and felt that since I can't sleep, I might as well post an update.

Anyway, so since the last post, I've lost another 3 lbs. I'm now sitting right at 270. I've lost those pounds in the last 4 days. I also discovered that I accidentally was putting myself into starvation mode. The cure: what would have been a normal amount of food before the diet change at regular intervals. I went from a lot of no eating because I wasn't hungry, to eating a big slice of meat, 3 eggs, and a random vegetable at every meal. I effectively doubled my caloric intake to start losing again. We'll see how long this plays out. It might be just what I needed.

Also, I'm starting to feel a craving for more vegetables. Things that I was trying to force down my throat just a month ago, I eat with delight. I'm still not eating very many, but I'm eating them again, where as I wasn't for a while. I guess that's part of the 'listen to your gut' aspect of the diet after you get acclimated. I'm also consuming greek yogurt with small amounts of honey mixed in. Some might say it isn't strictly Primal, but in the quantities consumed, combined with my still relatively low vegetable intake, I'm not seeing any negative effects from eating it. In fact, it's helping keep my stomach settled and stable.

More later.

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