Tuesday, December 30, 2014

It's been a while

So, last we spoke, blog of mine, I was still just 46 lbs into my journey.  It continued through May with a whopping 102 lbs lost before summer hit and money became too tight to continue.  I was in a good place to restart hardcore when I started back to school that August with zero weight gained, but reasons delayed, including a brief experiment with using prescription drugs to control my ADHD and a failed whirlwind relationship.

Now, just about 3 years later, and regaining over 30 lbs in the last few months, I've decided to restart the journey.  It kicked off this last Sunday, actually.  I'm hanging on to caffeine for now in the form of unsweetened teas, but I've been below 75g of carbohydrate for 2 days in a row.  My system had a bad reaction to something I ate over the weekend, so I've been eating a little yogurt with every meal to restore the probiotics, but that is my largest source of carbs currently.

Oh, and I've had a "recent" move.  3 months ago I moved to Memphis, TN to pursue some work in computer repair.  I dropped out of college again, this time with an Associate's degree, after realizing my funds couldn't keep me going through the entire Bachelor's.  I've been following some leads for software development jobs, but I'm sticking with this until it becomes more than a temporary contract or I find something better.

As for the diet, day 2 and I'm already feeling noticeable degrees better.  For the last year, I had started having intense digestive pains again, and this is the longest I've gone since November 2012 without them.  I've started at 260 lbs, and I'll weigh myself on Saturdays for updates.  Meanwhile, I'm going to do something new.  Everyday I will post pictures of what I have eaten for the day, along with a little blurb about what is going on with life in general.  I'll try to give a detailed description of what went into the meals, but I'll let the pictures stand as they are, even if I get fast food.  These will be placed at the bottom of every post.

Mexican spiced ground beef with spring mix greens
and two avocados halved and pan fried.

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