Monday, October 17, 2011

Sickness, College, Creating some dots

Sadly, there is no weight loss to report. I’ve been bouncing back and forth between 28 and 32 pounds lost in the last couple of weeks. I start losing weight, and then I get sick.

Either it’s the cooler weather or I’m just getting used to it, but my walking isn’t doing nearly as much for energy burn either. My legs have gotten much stronger, and all I’m not getting that worn out feeling nearly at all recently. Probably time to up the distance. I’m thinking about getting a bike to ride back and forth between my apartment and class. It’s about 4 miles and mostly sidewalk, so I’m pretty sure I can do it. Heh, I haven’t rode a bike in over 4 years. Last time I did, I spent an hour feeling like I was going to die.

As for life in general, I recently realized I’ve already failed my calculus class. For those of you who don’t know, I’m an Electrical Engineering student, and the math classes seem to be set up to restrict who is considered high enough level to take advancing engineering classes. This means I may or may not be at western an extra semester. I might have been anyway just because I came back to Western in the spring, but I digress. The real big deal is that when I start doing badly in class, any class, I normally check out and spend the rest of the semester miserable and failing all the rest of my classes. This time I didn’t. I didn’t even feel sad. I dumped the class, picked up a bi-term to fill the hrs slot and now the worst thing on my transcript for the semester will be a W, which is harmless to my GPA. Done. The only reason I even mention it is that I’m honestly surprised that I felt HAPPY to be rid of the class and do something else.

Really, I’m feeling pretty hard that college is a joke. Take a class here, pay to take a test there, all to be given a piece of paper that says you are supposedly knowledgeable in that specific field or that at least you could BS your way through another 4-5 years worth of classes after High School. I’d much rather have an idea that revolutionizes an industry to hard that I drop out and go straight to developing the idea. But, I’ve got $40k in student loans now and I’d spend too much of that time keeping loan companies off my ass long enough to actually have time to develop the idea.

So I continue classes, nearly double that debt, but pay it off in just a few years rather than have it hang its ugly head over me every time I try to do something that needs more than a few hundred dollars capital to move forward. There is also the option of using the extra money from work while in college to put into an idea as well. And honestly, it might be the best idea to do that…

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