Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Androids and Weight loss

Alright, first things first. As of this morning, I am 37 lbs down. WOOHOO! 275 lbs and dropping.

Also, I think I'm being a bit too low carb recently. I'm starting to get nagging cravings for a little sugar. I usually solve that with a little fruit, but none in the apartment. Guess I need to pick some up.

Also, saturday I started work on a fairly large android program. I think I bit into a bit more than I could swallow all at once, but I'm chewing on the problem a lot faster than I expected. I'm pretty sure I can have a working prototype up and running by the weekend, and may even be able to finish the most time consuming part of the full version over the weekend.

Where did I get this drive? Switching the diet couldn't have been all it was... was it?

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