Thursday, October 6, 2011


So, Sunday I tried a fast. I'd tried one before, but my blood sugar always bottomed out between 6 and 8 hrs. Sunday, I went 24 hours and could have gone longer. The hunger pains disappeared around 14 hrs in, I starting feeling more energetic at 16 hrs in, and I was bouncing off the walls by the time I got off from work.

My weight when I got home? 283. My weight the next morning after having a huge supper? 282.
For a grand total of 30 lbs down since I started.

That's right, my body burned 4+ pounds in a 36 hour period because I didn't give it anything for 24. I'm still dropping, but my food choices, almond flour sausage balls for example, made a situation that is showing a stable weight. Sometimes the scale can't be trusted. :P

So, I'm going to add a once a month fast to my plan. That's about how often I plateau anyway.

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