Monday, August 29, 2011

Primal Blueprint

So, I came across a diet I'd never head of before last week through of all things the Lew Rockwell website. As I read the background and reasoning behind what is actually a complete lifestyle change, I grew intrigued. The premise of this "Primal Blueprint" is that people used to eat a lot differently, and that human health since the advent of agriculture has been lacking. Yes, if it weren't for agriculture we wouldn't have modern society, but we weren't and still aren't completely adapted to live on grains.

The idea is to drop all grain intake completely, and start eating a diet that has a high percentage of caloric intake from fat. What is a no no in a grain based diet becomes an essential fuel when they're eliminated and your insulin production starts dropping. All carbohydrate intake is to be in the form of vegetables and fruits. If you stay around 150-200 grams daily average you're weight is stable, if you drop below 150 you start burning fat stores. The body needs a basic amount of carbohydrates to regulate certain thyroid functions, but as long as you don't drop below 50 average, you're usually just fine.

So, I've officially started a high fat, medium protein, low carb diet as of today. Honestly, the only thing I'm going to miss until the weight I want is off is potatoes. As I start picking up more local/fresh/organic items, I may find myself spending a little more in food, but I just took an extra day at work and cut sodas, so it shouldn't be too hard to pay for it.

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